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"I'm very grateful for all the work that KBC did here at Webflow early on and beyond as the Company grew. As a first in-house CPA, I couldn't be happier with the state of the accounting I inherited and for all the help, knowledge and history about our financials during the time KBC and Webflow worked together. KBC team was also incredibly helpful while we transitioned accounting in-house - and that makes my job so much easier. I'd recommend KBC to anyone."
“Stan’s deep knowledge and experience working with marketplace businesses was invaluable for Lyft when we were in the process of building the foundation for our financial accounting systems. He jumped in and quickly helped hire a great team and put best practices in place.”
“KBC helped us to build out the finance function and scale during 18 months of rapid growth. They operated as extended members of our team and were actively involved in the recruitment and transition to an in-house finance team. I was impressed by their technology start-up expertise, best practice sharing, and customer service orientation. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Carolyn and her team again.”
"KBC provided a high touch service and we genuinely felt like they were part of our company, not just outsourced consultants. They were an integral part of building our accounting processes and supported the company through rapid growth. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a partner to bring structure to their accounting function."
“Outstanding job during a period of rapid growth … recommend KBC without hesitation.”
“Superbly effective and high touch finance partner … excellent results. I would definitely use KBC again and recommend them.”
“One of the best accounting teams around with a strong sense of client pride and ownership. Highly recommend KBC."
“Our partnership with KBC was instrumental as we grew from a company with one full-time employee in 2015, to nearly 150 employees and three international subsidiaries when we brought our accounting and finance functions in-house 6 years later. In addition to helping us grow and expand internationally, KBC also assisted with multiple financing rounds, carried us through an initial audit, assisted with an ERP transition, and worked with us through the ups and downs that inevitably arise for a rapidly growing and constantly evolving business like ours. Beyond their technical and strategic aptitude, I especially appreciated their emphasis on client service, responsiveness and communication. It always felt as if they were a part of our team. I'd highly recommend KBC. "
“We have had a really great experience with KBC, the team have been top notch and extremely professional, would have no qualms in recommending them.”
"KBC was a critical and accountable team to run our accounting and financial reporting functions. They were able to quickly get up and running from our previous in-house controller, create great systems to optimize our processes, and standardize our reporting. During a pivotal time, KBC provided strategic advice around runway management through building and maintaining a short term cash flow forecast. Even through our acquisition process they stepped up to the challenge, and helped transition us into the new company. I happily recommend Bryan and his team to any company KBC works with!"
"Since inception, KBC has felt like an extension of our own team. From building and maintaining a robust financial forecast, establishing a consistent month end close process, and assisting with inventory management, KBC has been with us step-by-step. As we've continued to grow, KBC has even helped us recruit our first internal finance hire to ensure a smooth transition in-house. Phil's finance function would not be where it is today without KBC's insight and leadership. "
"We have been very impressed with KBC—their professionalism, timeliness and extensive knowledge are unmatched. Carolyn and her team are always listening and always ready to make a solid recommendation. As we continue to grow, they have been an invaluable resource. We have referred KBC to several friends over the years and will definitely continue to do so in the future!"
"I brought KBC in to help us during a very challenging time. They helped us get our financials in order and were a valuable consultative partner as well. I highly recommend KBC."
"KBC helped us a ton in the early days of our company. They're highly collaborative and work hard to help meet our goals as our business evolves."
"Spencer and the rest of the team at KBC are reliable and efficient. They fit seamlessly into our organization and managed almost all of our accounting work. They stayed on top of our external partners to make sure we got paid on time and in full. During our acquisition they worked nights and weekends to help us close the deal. I’m happy to recommend them." 
"I absolutely love working with KBC and have sung their praises to any startup that will listen over the past 30 months. Carolyn and the team understand client service like no other and their model allows them to deliver outstanding quality at a fraction of the cost of an
in-house accounting function."
“Extremely pleased with CFO and financial services team … helped us scale in both the US & AU. I will continue to strongly recommend KBC.”
"KBC was our full service finance partner from day one through almost five years of growth. Their team provided excellent coverage of all accounting and compliance, including significant tax refunds via R&D credits. When it came time to pull their services in-house, they provided an absolutely seamless handoff. We are grateful for their service to Rhumbix!"
The KBC team was instrumental to helping us build out our financial reporting and accounting functions. They became an integral part of our business and helped prepare us for monthly financial reviews with the Board and ongoing fundraising efforts. They have a great network and recommended our tax agents, benefits broker, and even a legal team to create our employee equity plan. We would highly recommend the KBC team to any start-up who needs financial, accounting and operational assistance.
“KBC was a valued partner from our first year in business through our acquisition by a multinational software company. KBC helped us to build the foundation and scale our finance function as the company grew. Carolyn and her team’s experience, guidance and on-demand-at-all-hours support during the transaction were critical to its overall success. I would happily recommend Carolyn and KBC to any growing company.”
“The KBC team was critical to the success of the accounting and administrative functions at Earnin during a period of high-growth and transition. I relied heavily on their experience and team to improve our monthly close, to implement and administer new payroll and expense systems, and to prepare for our annual audit. It was clear that Carolyn and the day-to-day team cared deeply about the quality of their work and that they were meeting our needs as a client. I would welcome the opportunity to work with KBC again in the future.”
“KBC has been an invaluable business partner as well as trusted advisor. Carolyn and Stan have both “been there and done that” working with high growth and scaling tech companies, bringing to the table deep expertise and experience across multiple areas ranging from Saas accounting, to accounting systems and gearing up for international expansion. The team delivers high qualify work, and are extremely resourceful, flexible and responsive. I would highly recommend them to any company looking for accounting and finance help.”
“KBC team was particularly beneficial to us, as we needed a more senior consultant who could ramp up quickly and bring accounting expertise to the table, but who was also willing to roll up his/her sleeves and do the smaller tasks of a start up environment as well. We could not have transitioned CFOs in such a high growth period of our company without their support. Our consultant ramped up quickly, took over some key functions and helped to recruit our current controller and implement some key systems to enable us to scale.”
“Stan was willing to jump in on some issues we were facing with less than 48 hours notice and get an on-sight team completely spun up from scratch, and I will always appreciate that level of responsiveness. Since Stan and his team are startup people at their core, they understand that our world frequently changes on a dime, and then changes again. It’s rare to find someone of Stan’s stature who is not only willing, but is happy, to roll with that uncertainty.”
“If you find yourself in that situation where your company is growing, but you might not need a full-time hire dedicated to the Finance function, I’d highly recommend working with KBC. They provided a service level that perfectly fit our Finance needs as we grew.”
“KBC has been an instrumental partner in building out our accounting and financial operations. They go beyond simple accounting to even helping to find and furnish our first office! They continue to be extremely responsive in helping us successfully navigate many of the challenges that come with a growing business. I love working with Carolyn and her team and would highly recommend them!”
“I hired KBC to help fulfill several critical needs. I feel KBC really differentiated themselves with high quality, high touch service and talent that is excellent. I highly recommend KBC to anyone looking for a quality firm to provide accounting/finance consultation and resources. We were very impressed.”
“I inherited KBC when I joined Tapingo and could not be happier. Our KBC team is highly-qualified, responsive, efficient and a pleasure to work with. They have provided us with critical accounting structure and guidance during our start-up and growth phases. And Carolyn has even made the transition to an in-house team easy by being flexible and accommodating with our timeline and needs. I highly recommend KBC to any start-up or small company looking for top-notch interim accounting and finance help.”
"In our early days, we started to feel a bit of accounting pain – and I'm so glad we found KBC! They got everything in order, and have kept it that way for years. In addition to accounting, KBC did a great job of keeping us aware of upcoming deadlines and other accounting best practices. As our company and needs grew, so did they – when we raised money, any numbers we needed were an email away! I highly recommend KBC, no matter what stage you're at."
“Great experience with KBC – they worked hard to get our accounting systems set up and served as a dedicated, high-touch, focused partner. Stan was a fantastic resource – I would absolutely recommend them to anyone.”
"KBC was excellent - they came online very rapidly for us at a time when speed was essential, and provided exactly the support we needed. Highly recommended."
"Thank you KBC Team, immensely helpful and committed, without you we would have never made it to the finishing line. You have an amazing team"
"We worked closely with KBC to establish our accounting practices early on in our company's lifecycle. This was critical for us as we had to manage our cashflow very carefully given the early stage of our company. KBC was there for us and put us towards a path of success."
“I have been thrilled with KBC. In their support of operations, M&A, and BOD reporting, they have continually exceeded my expectations in terms of their responsiveness, quality of work, and both breadth and depth of experience. They provide extremely high value at a very reasonable cost compared to doing this work in-house.”

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